Q = what are the fees?

A = For a quote please submit an enquiry and we will contact you.


Q =   What are the documents required ?

A = Full employee details and monthly salary amount (Form with detail required will be given on                                       request)


Q = What does the service includes?

A = Payroll taxes calculations, electronic/paper payslip, PAYE&UIF submissions to SARS/Labour, Annual IRP 5 Certificates and reconciliation.


Q = how do i make the payment for PAYE?

A= payment can be done at any Bank, SARS Customs branch , ETF or via efiling system. Payment reference number (PRN) must be quoted.


Q =   When is the payment due to SARS ?

A= on the 7th of the following month in which the EMP201 was submitted





Q = When must i register for VAT?

A = if the income earned by Business in any consecutive twelve month period exceeded or is likely to exceed R1 million​, then it's mandatory for that Business to register for VAT. Any business may choose to register voluntarily if the income earned, in the past twelve month period, exceeded R50 000.


Q = What must i submit in order to be registered for VAT?

A = * Incorporation Certificate of Company (in case of Companies)

   * MoA & AoA (in case of Companies)

Particulars of people involved

* Proof of Identity (ID Copy,Driving License)

* Proof of Address (Rental Agreement/ Lease Agreement of Company)

*Bank statements (3 months or showing all the income received)

*Invoices to customers that can be traced to the bank statement


Q = How much do you charge ?

A = For a quote please submit an enquiry and we will contact you.


Q = what expenses can i claim back VAT from SARS,

A = all Business expenses incurred while making taxable income within the Business


Q = How does VAT work ?

A = You declare the total of your Output (Sales) VAT less your Input (Expenses/Payments) VAT. This process is done on a two months basis and depending on which category you’re registered in your months of submission will be specific and you need to know this.


Q = When must i submit ?

A = By the 25th of the month following the return date, e.g. Jun/Jul VAT will get paid 25th August.


A = On the 25th each month following the period in which the expenses/sales were made or incurred.


Q = what happens if i can't pay the amount Owing to SARS?

A= payment arrangement or suspension of debt can be agreed on between the taxpayer and SARS.






Q = why the commissioner declined the name of first choice?

A= Your first choice may be declined if it is too similar to an existing company name.


Q = What is the Power of Attorney?

A = it is a written authorization to represent or act on another's behalf in private affairs, business, or some other legal matter, in this case is you as the client giving SNC-TAX power to handle your affairs


Q = How long does it take for the name to be registered?

A = 5 working days from the date of receipt, provided that all the requirements are met.


Q = how long does it take to reserve the Company Name?

A = A =5 working days from the date of receipt, provided that all the requirements are met.


Q = what is the annual Fee/ annual submission?

A = An annual return is a statutory return in terms of the Companies and Close Corporations Acts and therefore MUST be complied with,Prescribed fee will depend on the Annual Turnover of the Company or CC


Q = if am not trading do i have to submit or pay the annual fee?

A= yes, its a statutory requirement to do your annual submission and R150 fee payable


Q = what will happen if i do not do my annual submission to CIPC?

A= this will result in your company being deregistered,due to Non-compliance



4.Corporate and Individual Income Tax Returns


Q = what is the provisional taxpayer ?

A = you are a Provisional Taxpayer if you earn income other than a salary or remuneration. income such as rental income from a property, interest income from investments or other income from a trade.


Q = how does it work if you are a provisional Tax payer ?

A= *Provisional tax is a tax system that makes taxpayers estimate and pay their taxes in the form of two payments (one every six months), instead of having to pay one large sum at the end of the tax


* Your first payment is due by 31 August or six months after the approved year-end date;

     Your second payment is due by 28 February of the following year, or on the approved year-end  date; and

     Your third payment (a voluntary top-up payment) is due by 30 September, or six months after the approved year-end date.


Q = Do i have to submit both company`s tax and my individual tax?



Q = what is a Tax year period ?

A = In general Tax year is an annual accounting period for keeping records and reporting income and expenses.Tax year can also be adopted using the calendar year


Q = what is a tax season?

A = a period during which you are required to submit all your Tax returns to SARS,


Q = i work for government and they handle my taxes , now i have receive some other income from the work i did outside my employer. how do I submit this?

A = The additional income must be added to the initial return to have the final amount/tax liability.


Q = can i have a Tax clearance certificate before i can make payment to SARS ?

A = NO you cannot, unless a payment arrangement or suspension of debt has been agreed between the taxpayer and SARS.

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